About us

Va’a Folau is a Samoan Outrigger manufacturer, newly formed in Samoa, producing high-performance V1 and V6 competition outrigger canoes with the aim of being the premiere outrigger manufacturer in the Pacific and beyond. Va’a Folau means ‘voyaging canoe’, the name given to our mighty ocean-going vessels that helped Samoans navigate the Pacific Ocean. The meaning and mana of these words are endemic to our history and culture, and we take them with us as we create modern high-performance outriggers that will compete with the best in the world. 

With a focus on quality and performance, Va'a Folau is proud to offer canoes that embody the spirit of Samoan culture and the concept of "mana". Our canoes are not just functional vessels – they are a way of life. At Va’a Folau we take pride in using traditional hand-crafting techniques to create high-performance canoes that are built to be one with the ocean and work in harmony with their paddlers.

For those looking to embrace the lifestyle of being on the water and experiencing the thrill of paddling a V1 or V6 canoe, Va'a Folau is the perfect choice. Our canoes offer a range of health benefits, from improving cardiovascular fitness to providing a great stress-relieving activity. And with our direct ordering option, owning a V1 or V6 has never been more accessible.

So if you're ready to join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the ocean and the joy of paddling, check out our product page to see the range of canoes we offer.

If you want to get in touch and learn more about the V1 and V6, enquire now.