Pe’a V1

The Pe’a V1 outrigger canoe is designed to glide through the water with minimum drag with maximum control. we have achieved this by streamlining the hull and ama to minimise tubulense as it glides through the water. the result is a canoe that has good entry in the water with a quick release through the tail end of the canoe.


The front of the hull is deigned to cut though water with minimum drag, as the canoe picks up speed whether surfing or just sprinting, the nose is deigned to lift and reduce contact surface area with the water and so it glides as it increases speed. the angle of the nose cut is designed to minimise the impact of side current and wind on the direction of the boat as you go through the rough swells.


The main belly of the hull is a more rounded designed to most canoes on the market to create lift the and minimise drag, the rounded design also allows the boat to roll of strong swell from the side keeping keeping the boat straight as you move through the water regardless of which direction the current and swells are coming from. the more rounded design also allows the boat to surf well while maintaining steering control.

Tail end

The tail of the boat is stream lined so that the water is realeased with ease, this will give you more distance for every stroke as the water flows around the boat with ease, no turbulence and minimum drag. The angle of the tail is a little higher than other designs so that the boat catches small bumps all the way up to big waves creating maximum speed during high swells.


The cock pit is designed to have more room for comfort, without compromising the speed of the boat. more leg room which is great for the long distant paddles. Most designs on the market Have a three-piece mould. what this means for the boat deck which is the top half of the canoe has two separate pieces which are joined at the cockpit during the manufacturing process. This creates a point of weakness for the overall structure of the boat as this is a highly stressed are and the joint eventually breaks over time and will prove a costly repair down the road. Va'a folau has over come this by designing the boat to have one solid deck mould. The pe'a is designed not just for speed but also strength and longevity.

Water breakers

The front of the cockpit has 2 separate water breakers to protect the cockpit from swells. one behind the Iaku and one under the fin in front of the cockpit. The rear has 5 water breaker that stops water flowing from the back during rough currents. the water breakers also serve to add strength the fibreglass making it more rigid and solid.


The purpose of the Ama is to balance the boat and its one of the areas we focused a lot on when designing the canoe. The bottom surface of the ama is designed similarly to a surfboard with a sharp nose that cuts through the water while lifting at the same time. this allows the ama to skip on the surface of the water. The wide flat bottom allows the ama to surf with the hull as it picks up waves and bumps in the water. the sides are also rounded so that it minimises the impact of side current.


Because we have built this in Samoa, we wanted to keep the Iakus as traditional as possible so we have opted for the native wood. the Iakus are designed so the hull and the ama sit straight with minimum to no adjustment needed when rigging up, whether its for a casual paddle or serious racing. 

The Pe'a v1 outrigger canoe, is the result of Va'a Folaus passion for the outrigger sport of Alo Va'a, and the desire to build something that can compete at the highest level and being manufactured here in Samoa and in the Pacific Islands gives us great pride. and the only way to find out how great this boat is, is to take it our for a ride and you will be just as excited as we are about this canoe. contact us for more details